Trainings and Workshops

Our Trainings and Workshops are always fine-tuned for the real needs of your team and organization.

What we offer is:

  • field-tested,

  • continuously refined,

  • built on real world experiences and solid theoretical foundations,

  • delivered with attention and care.

Each of the Trainings and Workshops can be delivered online or offline, and is supplemented with the materials we create. Upon completion of the training/ workshop each participant receives a certificate.

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Our trainings are designed to maximize the participants' take-aways. We focus on teaching the core competencies and equipping the participants with the foundation and skills that will allow them to tackle challenges on their way.

Managing Change

Learning Objectives: Understand what Change is, Build awareness of the complexity of Change, Learn how to drive a successful Change initiative (on local and global level)

Scope: Basic Change Models, Change Management Checklist, Psychology of Change, Tools and best practices for successful implementation of Change

Duration: 21 hours, spanned across 3 days

Delivering Powerful Feedback

Learning Objectives: Understand what is good feedback, learn how to give and receive feedback

Scope: Non Violent Communication (NVC), "Radical Candor", Feedback for 1:1s and groups, and a lot of practice

Duration: 21 hours, spanned across 3 days

Agile Frameworks And Best Practices

Objectives: Understand the Agile Mindset, learn now how Agile can help (or not) your team and organization, bust the myths around Agile and Scrum

Scope: Agile Frameworks (including Scrum and XP) and Kanban

Duration: 21 hours, spanned across 3 days


Our workshops aim at advancing the progress of your team and your organization towards the desired objectives. We work on your cases using the state-of-the-art and proven ways of facilitation (including creative problem solving and design thinking). The result is a solved problem, and a tired but happy and motivated team.

Kick-Off The Organizational Change Right

Objectives: Build and test the first version of your vision, define the steps to setup your Change initiative for success, understand who will be your supporters and followers, learn how to keep the Change initiative attractive and impactful

Scope: John Kotter's 8 Step Change Model, William Bridge's approach to Transformations, Communication Strategy, Metrics for Successful Change Process

Duration: 28 hours, spanned across 4 days

Beyond the Scrum Guide: Effective Scrum Master

Objectives: Equip Scrum Masters with skills improving their effectiveness

Scope: Facilitation of meetings (including scrum events), Basic coaching skills for handling difficult conversations with the Teams and Product Owners, Tools for communicating with the organization

Duration: 21 hours, spanned across 3 days

Impactful 1:1s

Objectives: Teach and practice the best methods for having 1:1 conversations with direct reports

Scope: Planning for 1:1s, Delivering and receiving feedback, Tools for building trust

Duration: 21 hours, spanned across 3 days

Intercultural Communication Awareness

Objectives: Build awareness and understanding cultural diversity, kindle the openness and respect, learn how to communicate effectively across cultures

Scope: Characteristics of European, Asian, and North American cultures, Stereotypes (and what to do about them), Best practices of communication

Duration: 21 hours, spanned across 3 days

Kanban For Smarter Work

Objectives: Build your first real Kanban Board that will be ready for use by your team, define the working agreements and the cadence for improving the process as you go

Scope: Kanban basics, Value Stream Mapping, Theory of Constraints, Metrics

Duration: 21 hours, spanned across 3 days

Maximum learning is achieved through our interactive, visual, and reflective format.