About Us

Controlled IT was established by Dimitri de Wild to leverage the experience he has gained over the 20+ years of service in various corners of the IT sector. Dimitri's greatest passion wandered from hardcore technology through organizational design to supporting people in their growth. The variety of positions that Dimitri held made him hyper-aware of the power of communication (also across cultures), usefulness of solid theoretical background, and experience gained through experimentation. Driven by an understanding of how many seemingly chaotic factors can be controlled, he decided to share his findings across companies and sectors.

Currently, Controlled IT is Dimitri de Wild, Patrycja Godlewska and Mozart. This collaboration expands our area of expertise and leads to constructive conflicts that make our results even better. Inspirational walks make our ideas fresh.

We aim to foster continuous and optimized growth as well as cross-pollination of ideas and practices across industries. We offer engagements in English, Dutch, German and Polish.

Dimitri de Wild


Executive Coach

Software Delivery and Support Expert

Patrycja Godlewska


Coach and Facilitator

Agile SDLC and Transformation Expert


Chief Happiness Officer

Coach in Patience

Cuteness Expert