what is your {it} ?

{self-development} {dreams} {challenges} {time management}

You want to take a next step. You need to build the mindset required for achieving your goals. You feel you can be much more than who you are now. Managing your time effectively, building self-confidence, or defining your next challenge - we will be honored to help you get to your {it}.

{work-life balance} {career} {relationships}

You want to take your career to the next level but you first need to discover what it means. You want to be able to balance your work with the family, hobbies, and anything you need to be satisfied with your life. You care for the relationships and want to cultivate them. Let us support you in controlling how you handle your {its}.

{business growth} {process optimization} {change management}

You want to accomplish more with your colleagues and your organization. Be it a small team, a small business venture, or a department within a big corporate, you strive to build a high-performance and innovative culture that unlocks the potential of your people and results in measurable improvements. We can help you in bringing your people to your {it}.

We are passionate about people, growth, learning and achieving stunning results. Above all, we provide

trustworthy companionship on the way to your {it}.

What our Clients said about us:

I recommend working with Patrycja who is an excellent listener. She can find the right questions and she can also stay silent when you need to listen to your own thoughts and speak more. She waits patiently to summarize and help you look from a different perspective. She picks up the right sentences to help you reflect and come up with new perspective. The coaching process was a deep journey that allowed me to appreciate what I took for granted in my life, and what I should cherish and respect more.

- Magdalena, Corporate Communications Manager

Dimitri is adept at employing his deep technical skills to solve complex business challenges. I am impressed by Dimitri’s natural ability to build strong relationships with clients, potential customers and his team. He is not only a reliable and forward thinking leader but also an inspiring team player. I could always depend on him to set the best example as leader and mentor. I hope to work with Dimitri sometime soon! - Rakshata, Senior Manager, Software Development

Our controlled {toolbox} comprises of:


You want to advance and something tells you that coaching might be the way. Yet, you've heard many conflicting opinions about coaches and the method itself. Why trust us?

We are certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaches which means that we continuously grow our skills and stick to the highest moral standards. We breathe trust and follow the Code of Ethics of the profession. No compromises.

Read here about how coaching with us can help you get to your {it}.


Do you or your organization need diligent, trustworthy and results-oriented support in moving to the next level?

We have long years of experience in Software Development (including Agile and Scrum), IT Operations, and Security. We will use our arsenal of proven practices and flexibility in our approach to help you get to desired results.

Get acquainted with our experiences and learn how we will use them to get you to your {it}.

{trainings} and {workshops}

If you like to learn from experienced doers rather than theoreticians, you are in the right company.

While we think that theory is necessary to excel in practice, we base our trainings and workshops on real-world experience. We love sharing knowledge and experience, and we keep growing our portfolio to be ready to help you when you need us.

Learn here about our current portfolio to see if it can help you get to your {it}.

{facilitation of meetings}

Meetings are usually perceived as time-wasters... But you somehow need to discuss and come to decisions over a pressing topic, right?

With the help of a neutral person focused on getting to the desired meeting outcome, and using the right tools to do so (a.k.a. a facilitator), you will be confident that your meeting will get you where you need to be: e.g. agreeing on a solution, or solving problems creatively and effectively.

Click here to learn how facilitated meetings can get to closer to your {it}.

If you are...

... struggling to identify the next best step...

... looking to find a progression path with risk and safety...

... brave enough to explore alternative angles...

... ready to reach your destination...