Neutral facilitators focused on guiding the group towards solutions will drastically increase the return of time invested in any meeting: be it a workshop focused on making the next best business decision, a board of directors meeting, or a conflict resolution session.

Facilitators don't take sides - they may take notes, or drive a meeting in such a way that the group records their own knowledge and ideas. Once everyone is heard, facilitators challenge the participants to come up with new solutions that have been previously not considered. And all that this is achieved in less time then you may expect.

What are benefits of facilitation?

  • Solutions are build jointly by the participants, and thus are robust, informed, and satisfying the needs of various parties: be it different branches of your organization, conflicted or befriended teams and/or individuals

  • Everyone participates and contributes to the solution: no more meetings hijacked by the most vocal or the highest paid people in the room!

  • The tools implemented by facilitator are focused on maximizing the quality of input and minimizing the time needed to produce the input

What are the responsibilities of a facilitator?

  • Making sure that every participant is heard and respected.

  • Taking care of the group dynamics to make sure that the needs of participants - like safety, comfort, objectives - are met, and that they support the group in achieving the goal of the session.

  • Ending a meeting/session with specific and valuable results, as perceived by the participants.

  • Eliciting knowledge and unlocking potential of the group - instead of suggesting solutions, a facilitator uses tools that kindle creativity of individuals and foster collaboration in the group.

Can an online meeting be facilitated?

Absolutely! The choice of tools for effective online meetings is extremely wide, and the "online reality" provides us with new opportunities of eliciting the knowledge from the group.

At Controlled IT, we have our favorite tools that are easy to use and support the group during the meeting. We keep testing new tools to deliver the best experience possible for our facilitated groups.

Why us?

Patrycja has been trained in accordance with the standards of The International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

We stopped counting hours of sessions facilitated without taking pictures of us doing so...

Turn the time spent in meetings into your best investment yet.