What would you like to accomplish or change? What is your {it}?

You are seeking a trusted partner who can share a different perspective and challenge you.

You have a strong drive for the next thing but you still lack clarity about what this next thing is.

You are looking for someone who will be dedicated to the task, have high moral standards, and will help you in accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself and your business (or organization). Someone, who can take on the task and do what is needed to make it happen.

If these sentences describe your needs then we might be a match. Don't hesitate to contact us and schedule a conversation (no strings attached) to validate if we can help you.

What we do best with Consulting

Business Strategy and Agility

Do you need to pivot? Instill new values or processes? Challenge the status quo?

We will help you build a robust and flexible strategy that will keep your business in check, ready for disruptions, spectacular success, and uncertainty. We can help you maximize the potential of an array of methodologies and frameworks, depending on which will be the most effective means to achieve the results you desire. We guide in building the right Culture for your Organization, and in managing Change.

Building Products your Customers Love

Regardless if you're about to introduce a brand new product to the market, or if you're striving to find new users for a seasoned one, the customers need to be in the center of your attention. How to check if the market is ready for what you have to offer, and how to make the market desire your product?

We teach how to experiment early and often with the focus on having delighted users. We help to define metrics and track progress against your organization's goals.

Software: Purchase, Development and Support

Does your business need a software that will make the everyday more productive? Or maybe you are running a software house that got entangled in the intricacies of technologies, SDLC frameworks and technical debt? Finding the right solution is difficult: reliability, costs of maintenance and licenses, customizations, vendor locking, are among the challenges.

We help in choosing the best practices for Software Purchases, Development and Support: the right choice of technology, establishing the quality and security standards, and (building) an excellent customer support.

What our Clients say?

The pragmatic and empathetic discovery approach used by Dimitri helped us get clarity on the realistic scenarios depicting the future of our business. After a minimal amount of refinement sessions, we realized that the decisions we had to make about the future of our business were not blocked by business objectives but by our personal aspirations and motivators. This fresh perspective brought back harmony among us, and helped us make and communicate our decision with confidence.

- Former RoserConSys, now Prometheus group

Dimitri is adept at employing his deep technical skills to solve complex business challenges. I am impressed by Dimitri’s natural ability to build strong relationships with clients, potential customers and his team. He is not only a reliable and forward thinking leader but also an inspiring team player. I could always depend on him to set the best example as leader and mentor. I hope to work with Dimitri sometime soon! - Rakshata, Senior Manager, Software Development

I have been working as a software engineer for several years and was elated when an opportunity arose at work for me to finally pursue the scrum master role. After trying it out for a few months based purely on experience I noticed that there were some knowledge gaps. Patrycja was recommended to me by a colleague and after an initial discussion around what I’d like to gain form the mentorship sessions we began the short journey. These topics then guided our weekly sessions and provided an incredible amount of insight and in-depth industry knowledge. It differs greatly from reading articles online as I was able to ask questions and have a conversation about real life scenarios directly tailored to my needs. Patrycja not only shared her knowledge but also challenged me to try new approaches within the team weekly; all of which we are still benefiting from weeks later. As a result, I am also more confident with my new role as scrum master!

- Ferin, a Scrum Master

Our approach to Consulting

We avoid reinventing the wheel. That is why we provide consulting based on our holistic controlled {framework} that we adjust to your objectives and unique situation. We balance the tried and true methods and approaches with the flexibility required to come up with effective solutions.

The solutions and partnership that we provide while consulting are as holistic as our framework. We never limit ourselves to nice words and feel good conversations. We are not afraid to do the job, leveraging (and expanding) our entire toolbox (coaching, training and facilitating), interim management, the intricacies of change management and cultural complexity (both organizational and ethnic).

Anything that we do has its foundation in our values, especially high moral and professional standards.

Why us?

Focus on your objectives

Your success is the measure of our effectiveness. In our assignments we strive to fully understand your needs and provide you with the bespoke solutions. No cookie-cutter-know-it-all-approach. Only strong collaboration leading towards results exceeding expectations.

Long-term thinking

Are you looking for consultants who will advise you not only in the most current and immediate challenges but who will also think forward, making your business future-ready? You guessed it, that's us. While we value short-term focus, we never let go of long-term perspective.

Broad experience

Countless hours of on-the-job experience through executing on assignments, conducting trainings, supporting communities and attending conferences (also as speakers).

Strong theoretical foundations

We have completed numerous certifications and courses recognized worldwide. We can list Scrum, Product Management, SixSigma, ITIL, Intercultural Communication, among others.

Through excellent professional advice great ideas are transformed into truly sustainable business solutions.