Walk your path to a fulfilled life by activating your dormant resourcefulness.

For some, "coaching" is another catchy word and a checkbox to tick. For us, coaching is a results-focused, thought-provoking, and creative partnership to unlock and maximize your personal and professional potential.

We are here to help you learn how to thrive in a world that is visibly more diverse, distributed yet always connected, and also moving and shifting at an ever accelerating pace. Our focus is on future possibilities, captured through your vision.

Coaching is not for everyone. To be coached requires courage and commitment to engage in an active coaching relationship fueled by a fierce appetite to learn and grow.

Maximizing the return on investment of coaching requires a certain level of compatibility between the Coachee and the Coach. Click here to schedule a meeting with us to see if we are the right match.

What we do best with Coaching

Individual Coaching

Excellent performance, loving family, good health. Balanced and fulfilled life. Are you wondering how to get there?

Gain a holistic perspective at everything dear and important for you. It may be finding time for hobbies, being a better significant other, getting promotion at work, reducing stress. Put your vision in motion. Now.

Team Coaching

A cooperative team that takes pride in their accomplishments can move your business to the next level. What do teams in your organization take pride in?

Help your team to focus on the right things. Let them learn how to exceed expectations, thrive on valuable actions, and use feedback as a tool for doing the right things right.

Organization Coaching

A bad apple can infect the entire basket of fruits. What can a "bad apple" person do to your organization?

To eliminate this risk, build a balanced culture of ever-improving performance and widespread respect. Through coaching, we can equip people with tools that foster collaboration, candid feedback, and attention to results.

Executive Coaching

When the stakes are high, goals ambitious and schedules tight, it is easy to become overwhelmed. As a leader, you want proactive engagement and measurable outcomes. You want your organization to excel. You want healthy relationships.

We assist you in finding the right way to lead and achieve goals, while staying true to your values.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching offers you an opportunity to look holistically at your dreams and challenges. It provides you with a safe and confidential space to find creative solutions, build resilient motivation, and identify realistic action points that will help you reach your desired destination.

For us, a coaching assignment is successful when the person being coached - the Coachee - is prepared for the immediate and future challenges. We aim at equipping our Coachees with a resilient mindset and flexible toolbox, to unlock his/her potential.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching will be the most impactful for anyone who wants to improve.

Coaching can also be used to awaken the hunger for improvement. This means, however, that - compared with coaching a person who has already identified his/her goals and is motivated to take action - the journey will be longer.

We strongly believe that a growth mindset is the fuel for any successful coaching journey.

A group of my direct reports are underperforming. Can you coach them to improve?

We think that there are two sides of underperformance: one is personal, the other - organizational. As coaches, we are prepared to coach both individuals and organizations, on variety of levels.

To stay faithful to our ethics and avoid possible conflicts of interest, we employ a clear distinction between a coaching activity, mentoring, or training.

Can teams be coached?

Yes, teams can be coached. And we enjoy team coaching!

The size of the team as well as the subject of a coaching session depends on the objectives you want to achieve.

How does a coaching assignment usually look like?

An individual coaching assignment consists of 8-10 coaching sessions, 45-90 minutes each. The session cadence is determined by the needs of the Coachee, but usually ranges from once a week to once every other week.

Before we contract an individual coaching assignment, we clarify the expectations and motivation of the Coachee, as well as rules of engagement. We do this in an array of ways, depending on the Client's preferences and coaching goals.

For specifics on team and organizational coaching assignments contact us.

What are good topics for a coaching session?

Any topics that are important to you!

We specialize in Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Coaching for Performance. However, a holistic approach is dear to our hearts, and we always fine-tune our approach to the objectives of our Coachees.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

It can be an online meeting, it can be your office, it can be our (cozy) office. We can also have a walk together.

The majority of coaching sessions that we delivered so far took place over Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Why us?

Dimitri is ICF Certified

Dimitri is a Certified Executive Coach

Patrycja is an Erickson Solution Focused Coach

Dimitri is a Licensed ExploreME Coach